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Oo. T h e P u s s y c a t D o l l s - P s y c h o ( Brand New 2k9 ) .oO

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19 March 2009

Ray J - Sexy Ladies ( Video )

Here is the brand new single
from Ray J
and his new hit
" Sexy Ladies "
off his new album
out on the March 24th

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Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho ( Video )

Here is the brand new video
from Pussycat Dolls
and their new single off
the Slumdog Millionaire OST
called " Jai Ho "
Check it out!

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16 March 2009

BoA - BoA ( US Album + Special Bonus Trackz )

Here is the most awaiting album
from BoA
a real famous korean singer
!! her US Album!!
featuring da hit singles
" Eat You Up " , " Did It For Love "
& " Look Who's Talking "
I can say that album is perfect!!!
If u like Britney Spears style
u will simply love it!
I also made a special bonus pack
of unreleased & asian stuff!!

==> [ Download Album ] <==
==> [ Download Bonus Pack ] <==
!!Exclusively for FDH Blog!!

o1. Did It 4 Love ( Feat Sean Garrett ) .o1
o2. Energetic .o2
o3. Did Ya .o3
o4. Look Who's Talking .o4
o5. Eat You Up .o5
o6. Obsessed .o6
o7. Touched .o7
o8. Scream .o8
o9. Girls On Top ( English Version ) .o9
1o. Dress Off .1o
11. Hypnotic Dancefloor .11

~~ Bonus Pack Trackzlist~~

o1. Universe ( Feat Crystal Kay & Verbal ) .o1
o2. Do You Love Me .o2
o3. B.I.O. .o3
o4. Lose Your Mind .o4
o5. Addiction .o5
o6. Style .o6
o7. So Real .o7
o8. Girls On Top ( Original Korean Version ) .o8
o9. My Name .o9
1o. Moto .1o
11. Prayer .11
12. Maybe...Maybe Not! .12
13. Love Is Just... .13
14. Lady Galaxy .14
15. Eat You Up Remix ( Feat Flo Rida ) .15
16. Eat You Up ( DJ Johnny & Escape Remix ) .16

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13 March 2009

Utada - Come Back To Me ( US Album )

Here is the latest album
from Utada Hikaru
a Japanese artist
who made it in US
called " Come Back To Me "
This album is def more R&B
i really like it
Simply FiYa
Check it out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. On& On .o1
o2. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - FYI .o2
o3. Apple & Cinnamon .o3
o4. Takin My Money Back .o4
o5. This One ( Crying Like A Child ) .o5
o6. Automatic Part 2 .o6
o7. Dirty Desire .o7
o8. Poppin' .o8
o9. Come Back To Me .o9
1o. Me Muero .1o
11. Come Back To Me ( House Remix ) .11
12. Come Back To Me ( Best Remix ) .12

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Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy ( Video )

Here is the hot brand new video
from Britney Spears
called " If U Seek Amy "
really hot one
u have to check it out!

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12 March 2009

LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore ( Video )

Here is the new comeback video
from Letoya Luckett
called " Not Anymore "
very good
u have to check it out!

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The Dream Feat Mariah Carey - My Love ( Video )

is the hot collab video
from The Dream & Mariah Carey
called " My Love "
Check it out!

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Keri Hilson - Make Love ( Video )

Here is the brand new video
from Ms Keri Hilson
called " Make Love "
Check it out

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05 March 2009

FromDaHood Blog Group ( NOW On Facebook!! )

Hey Yall
I've just created The Official FDH Group
On Facebook!!!
Here is da link

===> [ FDH On Facebook ] <==

You can share your newest R&B stuff
or introduce yourself as an artist
Ask for a post on da FDH Blog
& Much More!!!!
Lets Share This Music Experience Together

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Semi-Automatic Playlist ( 128 Trackz = 2 Partz )

Electrik Red - Friend Lover ( Video )

Here is the second & hot video
from Electrik Red
" Friend Lover "
Check it out!!!
Their album will be out
on the 24th!

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02 March 2009

Janet Leon - Janet Leon ( Album ) [ Disc-over ]*

Here is the new album
from a Swedish girl
called Janet Leon
I really like her style
she has a strong voice
and a pop r&b style
U gotta check it out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Headache On The Dancefloor .o1
o2. Shimmy Shimmy .o2
o3. Let Go .o3
o4. Cover Up .o4
o5. Breakaway .o5
o6. Anymore .o6
o7. Keep It On The Low .o7
o8. Missin' U .o8

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* Disc-over : a singer just discovered
if you want more infos about them
just hit me up with a comment

Brick & Lace - Bad To Bi Done ( Video )

Here is the brand new video
from Brick & Lace
and their single
called " Bad To Bi Done "

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