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Oo. T h e P u s s y c a t D o l l s - P s y c h o ( Brand New 2k9 ) .oO

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30 April 2007

Bobby Valentino - Special Occasion

Bobby Valentino

Finally Here , the brand new album from Bobby V
featuring his 1st single " Turn The Page" and the hit
produced by Mr. Timbo " Annonymous"
I can say this 2nd album is much better than Slow Down
cuz of the variety of the trackz style
and the hot producers in it.


o1. Intro .o1
o2. Annonymous ( Feat Timbaland ) .o2
o3. Checkin Me .o3
o4. Special Occasion Interlude .o4
o5. Rearview ( Ridin ) ( Feat Ludacris ) .o5
o6. If I Had My Way .o6
o7. How Bout It .o7
o8. Turn The Page .o8
o9. Home Is Where You Belong .o9
1o. Let Him Go ( Feat Fabolous ) .1o
11. Only Human .11
12. Can't Wait Till Later .12
13. I Was Wrong .13
14. Soon As I Get Home .14
15. Over & Over .15
16. Right There ( Thank You ) .16

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29 April 2007

Barr - BarrCode Vol. 1

Barr - BarrCode Vol. 1

Artist : Barr is a brand new artist from Harlem ( NYC )
and he just released his 1st mixtape called
" BarrCode Vol. 1 "
with chillin tracks like " Nasty Sounds"
or " I Can"t See It " also the 1st single
He has such a beautiful voice
and I can say his 1st mixtape
shows the high potencial of this singer. Just Check It Out!


o1. I Just Wanna Know .o1
o2. I Can't See It .o2
o3. Nasty Sounds .o3
o4. Anniversary .o4
o5. Pimp Talk .o5
o6. I Need Ya .o6
o7. Lights , Camera , Action .o7
o8. Pre-Game Show .o8
o9. Stay .o9
1o. Life Line .1o

His Myspace

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27 April 2007

Unique Playlist

Pic : Unique

The Unique Playlist

Part One : Trackz 1 to 35 <== Download Link ==>
Part Two : Trackz 36 to 7o <== Download Link ==>

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Event Is the new Bad Boy R&B Group
They are composed of 4 guys from Kansas
( R.R. , Mic-L , L.A. &amp;amp;amp; Melvin )
& they are gettin better & better
especially with this new tune
" Be With U Tonite "
Now in preparation of their first album
for a year now
this might be hella hot
with " G ride " as 1st single
so lets wait & see!

~~> Track List <~~

o1. Nobody Told Me .o1
o2. Be With U 2Nite .o2
o3. I Luv It .o3
o4. Jak Move .o4
o5. G Ride .o5

[ Their Myspace ]

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26 April 2007

Rihanna Feat Jay Z - Umbrella ( Video )

Rihanna - Umbrella

Here is the new video from Rihanna
It's the 1st single from her brand new album
comin later this year
It's called Umbrella in collabo with Jay Z
So Check It Out Yall

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Mya Feat Lil Wayne - Lock U Down ( Video )

Mya - Lock U Down

Here is the new Video from Mya
It's the 1st single off the upcoming album " Liberation"
I really dig this new video :
Mya looks hot and sexy on it
Can't wait for the album that would be really hot.
Stay Tuned Yall

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23 April 2007

The High Playlist

Pic : Melody ( Of Pussycat Dolls )

The High Playlist

Part One : Trackz 1 to 4o ==> DownLoad Link <==
Part Two : Trackz 41 to 8o ==> Download Link <==
Bonus Part : Trackz 81 to 12o ==> Download Link <==

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Angel Demar

Angel Demar is a brand new R&B singer
who started like a year ago with cool trackz and
original voice.
Now she's back for 2oo7 with a project album
and a single called " I Might ".
I really dig this track , hope u will too.
Just check it out


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<== Her Space ==>

22 April 2007

Joe - Ain't Nothing Like Me (2oo7)

Yeaaaah The Brand New Joe Album is finally out!

This new album is really hot
Errbody already love thes two singles out " Where U At? " & " If I Was Ur Man"
but the rest of the tracklist is much better
Just Lemme Know What you Think bout this new Joe
In a Comment


o1. Get To Know Me ( Feat Nas ) .o1
o2. If I Was Ur Man .o2
o3. I Want Her .o3
o4. Where You At? ( Feat Papoose ) .o4
o5. My Love .o5
o6. Go Hard .o6
o7. Ain't Nothing Like Me ( Feat Tony Yayo & Young Buck ) .o7
o8. It's Me .o8
o9. Let's Just Do It ( Feat Fabolous ) .o9
1o. Feel For You .1o
11. Just Relax ( Feat Dre ) .11
12. Love Is Just A Game .12
13. You Should Know Me .13
14. Life Of The Party .14

[ Bonus Track ]

15. That's What I Like .15


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17 April 2007

Beyoncé - Me Myself & I Live

For waiting the next playlist coming this week
i leave you an old live from Miss Beyoncé
Performing " Me , Myself & I " ( one of my fav songs from her ).
On the session 2003 of Billboard , Bee always at top
in live , I really like this one especially when she's screamin
at Big Boi and Andre 3000 ( Of Outkast ) and
the nice final with all the ladies wearing like Bee.

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15 April 2007

Ne-Yo - Because Of You

Ne-Yo - Because Of You


o1. Because of You .o1
o2. Crazy (Feat. Jay-Z) .o2
o3. Can We Chill .o3
o4. Do You .o4
o5. Addicted .o5
o6. Leaving Tonight (Feat. Jennifer Hudson) .o6
o7. Ain't Thinking About You .o7
o8. Sex with My Ex .o8
o9. Angel .o9
1o. Make it Work .1o
11. Say it .11
12. Go on Girl .12

Release Date : o1.o5.o7

PS : Check The Comments On This Post ( Surprise )

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13 April 2007

The Back Playlist

Pic : Tyron Carter

Welcome How Does It Work

Welcome Yall
Here is FDH Blog Exclive
you can find albums
videos and discover some brand new artists!
Its a basically R&b Blog!

U'll find much download links
and thats how it works:

==> Playlists <==

Playlists are big files
and da download link is under
all you have to do
is typing the 3 letters
and then wait 45 seconds
after that you could click on "Download"
and save it to the Disk!
the download will last long
and at the end u'll have a Rar File
Its not MP3 so to convert it
you have to unzip it with a program called " WINRAR "
you can find this program easily on google
then open da playlist rar file with it
and clik on "Extract To"
then you could chose where you want to unzip the files!
and its done!

==> Albums & Singles <==

Albums & singles are lil files
so the download link will be under Zshare
all you have to do is clik on download Now button and save it to the disk
its really easy
but for albums u have to unzip it like da playlist so
just read how to do in Playlist section;)

Well I wish u a great visit on my blog
and hope u'll like it
dont forget to leave comment!


Je sais que la majorité des visiteurs sont francais
alors voila comment télécharger les differents
sons disponibles sur le blog!

==> Playlists <<=

Pour les playlists
vous trouverez un lien pour telecharger
" Download Link "
ce lien est hébergé par Megaupload
donc tu as juste à cliker sur le lien
écrire les 3 lettre dans la case
et après t'attends 45 secondes pour
que le message " Download " apparaisse
clique dessus et sauve le fichier sur le disque!
le téléchargement va durer assez lontemps vu la taille des playlists!
Aprés une fois tu as recu le fichier
tu dois l'ouvrir avec un programme
appelé " WINRAR " que tu peux trouver facilement
à télécharger sur le net
quand tu l'ouvre avec
clique sur " Extraire vers " et choisis où tu veux extraire la playlist!
et après t'as plus qu'à aller checker la playlist;)

==> Albums ET Singles <==

Pour ce qui est des albums et des exclusives trackz
le lien est hébergé par Zshare
donc tu as juste à cliquer sur " Download "
et sauver le fichier sur le disque
pour les singles tu aura ta track sur ton Bureau
pour les albums c'est la même chose que les playlists
tu dois le dézipper

Voila Ba je vous souhaite à tous une bonne visite en espérant
vous allez kiffer le blog!
et n'oubliez pas de laisser des coms! ca fais toujours plaisir!