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Oo. T h e P u s s y c a t D o l l s - P s y c h o ( Brand New 2k9 ) .oO

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27 May 2009

Electrick Red - How To Be A Lady ( Album )

Here is the first album
from da quatuor female group
Electrik Red
called " How To Be A Lady "
featuring da hits
" Drink In My Cup "
" Friend Lover "
" Good Good "
Check it out

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Muah .o1
o2. So Good .o2
o3. Devotion .o3
o4. Freaky Freaky .o4
o5. Bed Rest .o5
o6. Friend Lover .o6
o7. P Is For Power .o7
o8. W.F.Y. .o8
o9. 9 To 5 .o9
1o. On Point .1o
11. Drink In My Cup .11
12. Go Shawty .12
13. Kill Bill .13
14. So Good ( Remix ) .14

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08 May 2009

FDH Presents The Intyce Interview + New Single : Lip Prints

Hey yall
Im here to introduce u to Intyce
He's back for a new album project
called " The Year was 96 "
featuring his hit single
" Lip Prints "
I had da chance to get an interview from him
for all his overseas fans & FDH readers
so here is the interview :

==> [ Download " Lip Prints " ( Special FDH Version ) ] <==
==> [ Download " Secrets PREVIEW " ] <==
==> [ Download " Strawberry Sin " ] <==

Intyce Official Myspace

[ FDH ] : Hi Intyce,wassup?
I'm really glad to have you for an interview
First of all, let's talk about your music background.
How did you get into da music industry?

[ Intyce ] : Wow we can go on forever with this one LOL. Long story short, I have a lot of friends and family that are in the industry. Through networking I've found my place.

[ FDH ] : Nice! I've heard about your first album project,
It's called " The Year was '96' ".
Tell us more about the meaning of the title
and the album concept.

[ Intyce ] : Well, my album has two sides, the 96 side and the Rave side. I wanted to do an album that expressed what and who I was influenced by! Back in 1996 (The year of Aaliyah and Ginuwine) Music was redefined with innovation. Beats were crazy and singers had their own distinct identity, so I just wanted to tap into that era. I think it is very necessary to have your own lane and be unique. That is what is truly missed in music today. The Rave side is more about crossing over and becoming international. To me it's the best of both worlds.

[ FDH ] : I've followed you since the beginning and I can say you're singing skills are unique. What is your influences to make such sexy hits?

[ Intyce ] : Well, everyone can't sing like Beyonce LOL. As a kid I was often inspired by singers that had something different to offer besides all the vocal acrobatics! People like Aaliyah, Brandy, Tyrese and Robin Thicke all have a uniqueness to not only their voices but their styles as well. I am all about finding the character of the song, and my name is INTYCE. LMAO

[ FDH ] : By talkin about sexy trackz, one of them is " Lip Prints "
I simply love it , lets talk about it. What is da theme of this song?
And how would you imagine the video of it?

[ Intyce ] : Thats so funny because the producer who did that song called me as I was boarding a flight, and was like I have this crazy summer smash for you. All he had was one line "I just love your lip prints"! As soon as I got in I wrote the verses and that was that. OMG the video would have to be crazy hahaha, something sexy and I would have to kill the dance. I think I would need Paul Hunter, He killed "We need a resolution" and I would have to top that!!!!!

[ FDH ] : Let's speak Future : how do you see your music career in 10 years?

[ Intyce ] : I see myself writing for others, I love to write!!! A lot of times when you're writing pop songs you don't get a chance to show depth. I can go from a Britney record straight into a Celine Dion classic. At the end of the day that is what I want to be known for, and you will see that on my album. I have a ballad called Tear and Leona Lewis can easily jump on it.

[ FDH ] : I def. think you have all the opportunities to blow up this year!
Can't wait to hear more from you.
Hope you let the FDH visitors know!
Talkin about them, What do you wanna say to your overseas fans & the others?

[ Intyce ] : I love you guys, Thanks for loving my track "Sexii" I see and read all the mail you send me about it. I can't wait to get over there. I would love to work with some of those artist that have now crossed over to the US. Boa what up. LOL

[ FDH ] : Thank you for your time, it was nice to have this interview for FDH!
Let's keep in touch with your career!

[ Intyce ] : For sho mann!!! Thank you for the love "The year was 96/The Rave is coming soon.


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01 May 2009

The Sunrizin' Playlist

Hehe yall im back with this big playlist
check it out

==> [ Download Part 1 ] <== ==> [ Download Part 2 ] <==


Pussycat Dolls - The Jungle

D Brown - Slow Motion

If you wanna request any track on this playlist
you just have to leave a coment
with your request and
it will be posted ASAP on this section!

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