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30 April 2009

FDH Talks About Playlists Down

Hey yall
as u noticed
the latest playlist were took down
for unknown reasons
that's why for the next ones
( one comin tomorow )
they will be post on FDH Blog
and on FDH Facebook Page
so u'd better add it
==> Here <==
Don't forget to add it and share some stuff
By the way the Showcase Casting is still up
so if you wanna try your chance
Do it , all the details are written on a post besides!

28 April 2009

Intyce Rap Contest


To access the remix download the "LIP PRINTS" track from WWW.MYSPACE.COM/INTYCEYOU.

Click on the "ZSHARE LINK" provided and your all access pass to innovate begins. Add your verse to the opened spaces that are per- set for you.

The winner will be chosen by a three-judge panel and will have their remix featured on Intyce's Myspace music page. You never know you might even land a spot on his debut album!

All Remixes must be submitted no later then June 1, 2009.

Submit your remix to INTYCEYOU@GMAIL.COM or LYRIC14_09@YAHOO.COM


Good Luck

==> Leave Propz <==