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Oo. T h e P u s s y c a t D o l l s - P s y c h o ( Brand New 2k9 ) .oO

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29 May 2007

Plies Feat T-Pain - Shawty ( Video )

Here is a brand new video
from a new rapper called Plies
featuring T-Pain
on his 1st single " Shawty"!
Let's Watch The Video!

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Rhea Feat Darryl Riley [ FDH Blogspot Exclusive ]

Here is a Rhea Track Exclusive
featuring Darryl Riley
called " Know Tha Day"
This is For yall!

[ Rhea Feat Darryl Riley - Know Tha Day ]

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Special Thx 2 Ju Mendes

28 May 2007

Trey Play

Pic : Trey Songz

~~Trey Play~~

Part One : Trackz Names From "A" to " J" ( 5o Trackz )[ Download Link ]
Part Two : Trackz Names From " J" to " W" ( 5o Trackz )[ Download Link ]

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27 May 2007

Ne-Yo - Do You ( Video )

Here is the 2nd single " Do You"
off the sophomore album from
Ne-Yo called " Because Of You"
Check It Out!

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Eve - Tambourine ( Video )

Eve is also back with her brand
new single off "Here I AM"
called " Tambourine"
The video is hella hot
and the single is boucin'
produced by Mr. Swizz Beatz!
Just Watch It!

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Mario - How Do I Breathe ( Video )

Mario is finally back
with his brand new video " How Do I Breathe"
from his upcomin' album " Go!"
the video is awesome
and the 1s single is a great slow jam!
just check it out!

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23 May 2007

Fabolous Feat NeYo - Make Me Better ( Video )

The new Fabolous video is now available featuring Neyo
I really like this song
and the video is good by the way
so just check it out yall

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Eric Sanicola Aka ThundaTrax

I introduce to u the great " Eric Sanicola"
most of underground rnb addict
have heard his productions
as the name of " Thundatrax"
Yea let's remember the rapper in every trackz from "Rhea" like Damn Right
or the one who produced some trackz of "Bridgette Angelique".
Yea this gold hand is Eric Sanicola
who has original skillz for beatz
and so this is a special post for his good work
with a playlist of my Thundatraxx' fav trackz
So Check It Out!

~~ Thunda Traxx I Love ~~

o1. Rhea - Damn Right .o1
o2. Rhea - Don't Let Go .o2
o3. Rhea - Someone Else .o3
o4. Rhea - Fucked Up .o4
o5. Rhea - Fresh & Sexy .o5
o6. Rhea - Kinky .o6
o7. Tiesha - Rush .o7
o8. Claudi Kohn - Bad Girl .o8
o9. Bridgette Angelique - What About Us .o9
1o. Bridgette Angelique - Couldn't Love U .1o
11. Bridgette Angelique - Shock Me .11
12. Rhea - Oh No .12

[ Download Link ]

His Myspace

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R.Kelly - Double Up

Mister Kelly is back
with his new album " Double Up"
much up-temping than previous ones
the 1st single is " Im A Flirt "
and the next one should be " Same Girl " featuring Usher
The album is hot with hella collabo like Swiiz Beats , Kid Rock , Usher,
Ludacris and etc
so Check It Out


o1. The Champ ( Feat Swiiz Beatz ) .o1
o2. Double Up ( Feat Snoop Dogg ) .o2
o3. Tryin' To Get A Number ( Feat Nelly ) .o3
o4. Get Dirty ( Feat Chamillionaire ) .o4
o5. Leave Your Name .o5
o6. Freaky In The Club .o6
o7. The Zoo .o7
o8. I'm A Flirt Remix ( Feat Various Artists ) .o8
o9. Same Girl ( Feat Usher ) .o9
1o. Real Talk .1o
11. Hook It Up ( Feat Huey ) .11
12. Rock Star ( Feat Kid Rock & Ludacris ) .12
13. Best Friends ( Feat Keyshia Cole ) .13
14. Rollin' .14
15. Sweet Tooth .15
16. Havin ' A Baby .16
17. Sex Planet .17
18. Rise Up .18

~~ Japan Bonus Track ~~

==>I Like Love<==

[ Download Link ]

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Timbaland Feat The Hives - Throw It On Me ( Video )

Here is the 2nd video from Timbaland & his "Shock Value"
I think this single is not The track
i should have released Way I Are isntead
and i dont really like the video
but I leave it to you
for makin ur own opinion bout it
Check It Out

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21 May 2007

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna is finally back with her 3rd Album
called " Good Girl Gone Bad"
this album is much betetr then the others
becuz she really doin RnB with hot trackz like " Rehab " produced
by Mr Timbo. and the hot 1st single " Umbrella "
featuring Jay Z.
Just Check It Out!


o1. Umbrella ( Feat Jay Z .o1
o2. Push Up On Me .o2
o3. Don't Stop The Music .o3
o4. Breakin' Dishes .o4
o5. shut Up & Drive .o5
o6. Hate That I Love U ( Feat Ne Yo ) .o6
o7. Say It .o7
o8. Sell Me Candy .o8
o9. Lemme Get That .o9
1o. Rehab .1o
11. Question Existin' .11
12. Good Girl Gone Bad .12

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19 May 2007

Clara Morgane - Sexy Girl ( French Video )

Clara Morgane
, X-French Porno Star redirected her career into Music Game
She released her first single with Lord Kossity ( French Dancehall )
, didn't like this one
but now her 2nd video " Sexi Girl" is available
and i like nto especially for her voice nothing special
but for da video and the beat that's hella hot
so Check It Out & Tell me what you think bout!!

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15 May 2007

Summer Playlist

Pic : Rashelle

The Summer Playlist

Part One : Trackz 1 to 5o [ Download Link ]
Part Two : Trackz 51 to 1oo [ Download Link ]

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14 May 2007

Chris Brown - Exclusive ( Album Info )

Yeahh Chris Brown Is back for a brand new album
called " Exclusive".
It Should Be Released On September 4th ( His Friend's Bday : Beyoncé )
with "Wall To Wall " as 1st single ( Prod By Swizz Beatz ).
His sophomore album must be hella hot with producerz
like Underdogz , Swizz Beatz , Scott Storch , DarckChild & More..
Chris has declared that album will be more mature
talkin' bout sexuality & more deep themes
for gettin a brand new category of fans olders.
Cuz now he's 18!!

Here is the provisional Tracklist
Just Check It Out

~~ Provisional Tracklist ~~

o1. Wall To Wall .o1
o2. Now I'm Gone ( Feat Bow Wow ) .o2
o3. Let Me Take U Down .o3
o4. Save Me ( Feat David Banner ) .o4
o5. Do It Right ( Feat Ciara ) .o5
o6. Steppin .o6
o7. Don't Lie ( Feat Ne-Yo ) .o7
o8. Check U Out ( Feat Teairra Mari ) .o8
o9. Touchin In The Crib ( Feat Beyoncé ) .o9
1o. Adore You ( Feat Lil Wayne ) .1o

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09 May 2007

Tank - Sex , Love & Pain

The brand new Tank album is finally out
with some good stuff.
Every trackz are hot especially the single " Please Don't Go" and "Who Dat"!
So One More time , Mista T doesnt disapoint us with this album!
Check It Out Yall!


o1. Coldest .o1
o2. I'm Coming Home .o2
o3. My Body .o3
o4. Please Don't Go .o4
o5. I Hate U .o5
o6. HeartBreaker .o6
o7. Who Dat .o7
o8. When .o8
o9. Wedding Song .o9
1o. My Heart .1o
11. I Love U .11
12. I Love Them Girls ( Timbaland Remix ) .12

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08 May 2007

Paris Bennett - Princess P

Paris Bennett is da new lil star from
the Show TV called " American Idol "
She just releases her 1st album called " Princess P"
and the hot single " Ordinary Love ".
If you like this single , u would like this album
cuz its the same type and the Miss Bennett voice rockz!
so Check It Out!

~~ Tracklist ~~

o1. All Hail The Princess .o1
o2. Ordinary Love .o2
o3. Dreamin' .o3
o4. Daddy .o4
o5. Let Me Rap ( Feat Kevin Coais ) .o5
o6. My Boyfriend's Back .o6
o7. Can't Control Myself .o7
o8. Duet ( Feat J.Isaac ) .o8
o9. Im So Hot ( Interlude ) .o9
1o. Im So Hot .1o
11. Get Bizzy .11
12. Caught Up .12
13. B-Bye .13
14. Burnt Up .14
15. I Will ( Feat James Grear & Company ) .15
16. Best Friendz ( Feat Anne Nesby & Jamecia Bennett ) .16

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06 May 2007

The Top Playlist

Pic : B5

The Top Playlist

Part One : Trackz 1 to 5o <== Download Link ==>
Part Two : Trackz 51 to 1oo <== Download Link==>

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Kev Samples - Rush ( 2oo7 )

Kev Samples - Rush

Here is the 1st album from Kev Samples!
If U haven't heard about him before
with his 1st tune " The Way She's Built"
Kev has a good voice unique and special
and his songz are very bouncy
with a crunk style like " Naughty " featuring
Petey Pablo ( My fav track )
and also love songs like " Put It On Me ".
Just Check It Out!

~ Tracklist ~

o1. The Rush .o1
o2. The Way She's Built .o2
o3. Naughty ( Feat Petey Pablo ) .o3
o4. Put It On Me .o4
o5. I Wanna See You .o5
o6. Stop Playin' Games .o6
o7. Screamin' For More .o7
o8. Up To Me .o8
o9. We Are 1 .o9
1o. Actin' Up .10
11. I Was Wrong .11
12. A Street Story .12

<== His Myspace ==>

<== Download Link ==>

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Amerie - Because I Love It ( 2oo7 )

Amerie - Because I Love It ( Album )

Here is da brand new album from Miss Amerie
I really like it
cuz it sounds oldschool and catchy at the same time
and that gives a new fresh air in
the Amerie Style.
The 1st single " Take Control " ain't my fav
it's just good i prefer the great " Some Like It".
Just Check It Out!

~~ Tracklist ~~

o1. Forecast Intro .o1
o2. Hate2LoveU .o2
o3. Some Like It .o3
o4. Make Me Believe .o4
o5. Take Control .o5
o6. Gotta Work .o6
o7. Crush .o7
o8. Crazy Wonderful .o8
o9. That's What U R .o9
1o. When U Loving U Was Easy .1o
11. Paint Me Over .11
12. Somebody Up There .12
13. All Roads .13
14. 1 Thing .14
15. Loosin U .15

<== Her Myspace ==>

<== Download Link ==>

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02 May 2007

Back In The Dayz Playlist

Pic : T.I.

~~ Back In The Dayz Playlist ~~

Here is a Special playlist
with my Best Of From The Trackz released in 2oo5
Hope u'll enjoy the come back.

[ 4o Trackz ]<== Download Link ==> [ 4o Trackz ]

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GuestBook Info

Pic : S.O.L.I.D.

[ == GuestBook Info == ]

A Guestbook is now AVAILABLE ( link in the head of the blog ).
You could add YOUR OPINIONS about the site,
add YOUR REQUESTS for any trackz ,
add SOME INFOS bout an upcomin album
or artist or whatever bout RnB music,
and finally POST LINKS for answerin' the requests.
To conclude , this Guestbook will be kinda a forum
for this blog and RnB Music.

Hope U will all make it active!!!

Thx Yall!

===Click Here===

The Yungfellaz

The Yungfellaz is a group from New Jersey
composed of 3 members.
They are blowin up thru the network
thanx to Myspace
with hella hot trackz like " Dya Remember " or " I'm Him".
They are in studio for their first album
called ' The Time Is Now " upcomin later
this year.


o1. Dya Remember .o1
o2. I'm Him .o2
o3. Next 2 Me .o3
o4. I Got Ya Girl .o4
o5. Let It Go .o5
o6. This Time .o6

<== Their Myspace ==>

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Charles Reed

Charles Reed shows us a fresh RnB style with his
hit " Tha 1 2 " and mixtape available called
" Get Hip Or Get Lost ".
This young singer from Ohio
is now working on his debut album.
So Let's wait & see!


o1. Tha 1 2 .o1
o2. Come Back .o2
o3. Get Your Clothes On .o3
o4. Distracted .o4

<== His Myspace ==>

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01 May 2007

Get Low Playlist

Pic : Melissa Jiménez

Get Low Playlist

[ 4o Trackz ] <== Download Link ==> [ 4o Trackz ]

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~~ Special Playlist for celebratin' the 1st of May ~~