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29 April 2007

Barr - BarrCode Vol. 1

Barr - BarrCode Vol. 1

Artist : Barr is a brand new artist from Harlem ( NYC )
and he just released his 1st mixtape called
" BarrCode Vol. 1 "
with chillin tracks like " Nasty Sounds"
or " I Can"t See It " also the 1st single
He has such a beautiful voice
and I can say his 1st mixtape
shows the high potencial of this singer. Just Check It Out!


o1. I Just Wanna Know .o1
o2. I Can't See It .o2
o3. Nasty Sounds .o3
o4. Anniversary .o4
o5. Pimp Talk .o5
o6. I Need Ya .o6
o7. Lights , Camera , Action .o7
o8. Pre-Game Show .o8
o9. Stay .o9
1o. Life Line .1o

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1 comment:

OlcY said...

Yeah i lik Barr's
Cool songz thx TonY
keepin touch