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06 May 2007

Amerie - Because I Love It ( 2oo7 )

Amerie - Because I Love It ( Album )

Here is da brand new album from Miss Amerie
I really like it
cuz it sounds oldschool and catchy at the same time
and that gives a new fresh air in
the Amerie Style.
The 1st single " Take Control " ain't my fav
it's just good i prefer the great " Some Like It".
Just Check It Out!

~~ Tracklist ~~

o1. Forecast Intro .o1
o2. Hate2LoveU .o2
o3. Some Like It .o3
o4. Make Me Believe .o4
o5. Take Control .o5
o6. Gotta Work .o6
o7. Crush .o7
o8. Crazy Wonderful .o8
o9. That's What U R .o9
1o. When U Loving U Was Easy .1o
11. Paint Me Over .11
12. Somebody Up There .12
13. All Roads .13
14. 1 Thing .14
15. Loosin U .15

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