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23 May 2007

R.Kelly - Double Up

Mister Kelly is back
with his new album " Double Up"
much up-temping than previous ones
the 1st single is " Im A Flirt "
and the next one should be " Same Girl " featuring Usher
The album is hot with hella collabo like Swiiz Beats , Kid Rock , Usher,
Ludacris and etc
so Check It Out


o1. The Champ ( Feat Swiiz Beatz ) .o1
o2. Double Up ( Feat Snoop Dogg ) .o2
o3. Tryin' To Get A Number ( Feat Nelly ) .o3
o4. Get Dirty ( Feat Chamillionaire ) .o4
o5. Leave Your Name .o5
o6. Freaky In The Club .o6
o7. The Zoo .o7
o8. I'm A Flirt Remix ( Feat Various Artists ) .o8
o9. Same Girl ( Feat Usher ) .o9
1o. Real Talk .1o
11. Hook It Up ( Feat Huey ) .11
12. Rock Star ( Feat Kid Rock & Ludacris ) .12
13. Best Friends ( Feat Keyshia Cole ) .13
14. Rollin' .14
15. Sweet Tooth .15
16. Havin ' A Baby .16
17. Sex Planet .17
18. Rise Up .18

~~ Japan Bonus Track ~~

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OlcY said...

Thx man !!
hot rnb album

Anonymous said...

the links are dead already, could u plz reupload them?? thank you so much and i would appreciate it very much if u do, love ur music, you have such good taste in music ^________^