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15 May 2007

Summer Playlist

Pic : Rashelle

The Summer Playlist

Part One : Trackz 1 to 5o [ Download Link ]
Part Two : Trackz 51 to 1oo [ Download Link ]

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OlcY said...

Many Thx TonY 4 ur HUGE stuff
keep going ur da best
cya bro

Anonymous said...

Well Ladies and Gentlemen. The new Playlist is here! I would first like to
thank the the administrator for another collection of new material! Here is my

Was not very impressed with the Playlist this time around. Many of the songs had good production but lacked vocal ability and just plain old songwriting skills. Many sound like good demos. Most we will probably never here on the large scale of things. A few artists delivered the consistent safe style that we are all used to. Such as Ne-yo, Cassie (who delivered a decent track considering she lacks serious vocal skills), Kelly Rowland and Megan Rochell.

Christina Milian needs to re-group and focus on her audio presentation and really develop her sound. Soon she will be remembered as just another pretty face. Mya has delivered some good songs to the playlist previously, but does not do a good job this time around. She is bound to struggle with another album if she does not pull it together. I was really pulling for Brandon Kane this time around but once again his songs are average. Kelly Rowland plays it safe again with little to no personality on the track. She is headed for a rude awakening with this album if this is the best she’s got. 40 da Great feat. Ray-J has a great sounding track and concept idea. However, you can tell it is indie by the lack of track development.

My playlist picks are Yolanda Adams, Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland and Cassie.

Until nextime! This is the RECORD MAN.

antonio said...

michelles hott

thOmas said...

salut je vOulais savOir si tu pOuvais faire une playlist avec plein de slOw !! sa serait vrément cOol merciii d'avance!!

david said...

alor toi tu dechire tou wallah
ta ke du bon son tu konai sa

Anonymous said...

thiss` playlist is hottttt[: ! i dont think anyone i know will be heaering any of theseee for a while;` cant find any of em on limewire.. so at leassst i could get em from here[: thanks agian !

LiL'Dy said...

Oooh Good ^^
J'aime toujours autant tes playlist, continue comme ça, je ferai en sorte de laisser mon passage aussi souvent que possible

Peace Up'