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Oo. T h e P u s s y c a t D o l l s - P s y c h o ( Brand New 2k9 ) .oO

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14 June 2007

Burhan G - Playground ( FlashBack To 2oo4 )

As i said before , Burhan G , the great singer from Denmark ,
is bout to come back
with a second album called " Breakout ".
But who knows bout his stuff before?
That's why i do this post for
sharing the 1st album from Burhan G called " Playground" ( 2oo4 )
and i can say you that its hella fiyaaaa
so check it out
and lemme noe what u think bout it!!
Hope that will help you to appreciate
the future BREAKOUT!

~~ TrackList~~

o1. Intro .o1
o2. Sweat .o2
o3. Playground .o3
o4. Take U Home .o4
o5. Burhan G .o5
o6. Burhan's Lounge ( Interlude ) .o6
o7. Long Kiss Goddnite .o7
o8. Can't Let U Go .o8
o9. Deal With That .o9
1o. Confessions ( Feat Nina Jayne ) .1o
11. Wow There She Goes .11
12. It's Ok .12
13. Game Tight .13

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