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04 June 2007

Chris Brown - Exclusive ( Album Info Updated ))

Chris Brown
has now released
the official tracklist of his sophomore album
called "Exclusive".
The 1st single will be " Wall 2 Wall" and
the 2nd one should be " Take U Down".
Just Check Out The video and
the tracklist!

~~Tracklist ~~

o1. Wall 2 Wall .o1
o2. Take U Down .o2
o3. What It Do .o3
o4. Picture Perfect ( Feat Will I Am ) .o4
o5. Throw'd .o5
o6. Wish U .o6
o7. Hold Up .o7
o8. Kiss Kiss ( Feat T-Pain ) .o8
o9. Back To Back .o9
1o. Nice ( Feat Game ) .1o
11. I'll Call Ya .11
12. Get Atcha .12
13. Diagnose Ur Love .13
14. Last To Know .14
15. Fallen Angel .15
16. Mama .16
17. Greatness ( Feat T-Pain ) .17
18. Nothing .18
19. Miss U .19

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Kevin said...

yea man! i saw it recently at his homepage! im really lookin forward to it. i love his music !!!

Anonymous said...

hey ur site is awesome!! just wondering if u can help tryna find a site to download the latest music u know any? im tryna get huey's new video - when i hustle.
thanks keep up the great work :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah man i wantd wonder you When we could dll the Chris brown's album plz

Hoffy said...

Hey man, hot page, do you know how i can get the Fallen angel mp3, ive looked for it all day and am going crazy! if u have the mp3 can u just send it to i would REALLY appriciate it