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19 June 2007

Clara Morgane - Declarations

Clara Morgane , X-French Porno star
is now in the music industry.
She just released her first album called
" Declarations".
Well i dont really like the singles she released
but the rest of the album is ok
with hot beats , voice ain't really good but its ok.
So check it out !


o1. Sexy Girl .o1
o2. J'aime ( Feat Lord Kossity ) . o2
o3. Je Garde De Toi .o3
o4. Nous Deux ( Feat Shake ) .o4
o5. Altitude .o5
o6. Heroine .o6
o7. StripTease ( Feat Mc 6 Coups ) .o7
o8. Fais Moi Voyager ( Feat Darren ) .o8
o9. La Soirée ( Feat Napoleon Da Legend ) .o9
1o. Maternelle .1o
11. Sans Clemence .11
12. Andy .12

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