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12 August 2007

J.Holiday - Chocolate City ( 2007 Mixtape )

Yea My Boi J. Holiday
released his mixtape today
which is real good!
So Check It out by waitin for his album comin
on 1o.o2.o7! " Back of My Lac"


o1. Be With Me Intro .o1
o2. Break Up 2 Make Up .o2
o3. Hustle Harder .o3
o4. My prerogative .o4
o5. I Want U ( Feat Marvin Gaye ) .o5
o6. Bed .o6
o7. Hydro .o7
o8. Musics Changed .o8
o9. Mister Mister .o9
1o. Make It Rain .1o
11. Mary Jane .11
12. When Were Dancin .12
13. RandB Is Dead .13
14. Po Mans Boogy Outro .14

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GlamDivatte said...

thanks I love him

Anonymous said...

Man... great post! I needed this... lovely.