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17 September 2007

B5 - Don't Talk Just Listen ( Album )

The second album
from the 5 broz " B5 "
is finally out and its really hot!
Great producers like B.Cox
are presents and also good featuring
Bow Wow One on " Hydrolics"


o1. Hydrolics ( Feat Bow Wow ) .o1
o2. How U Not Gonna .o2
o3. Right To Left .o3
o4. Erika Cane .o4
o5. She Got It Like That .o5
o6. Teardropz .o6
o7. In My Bedroom .o7
o8. All Over Again .o8
o9. What It Do .o9
1o. No One Else .1o
11. I Must Love Drama .11
12. So Incredible .12
13. Thingz I Would Do .13

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1 comment:

Jayo said...

trés bon album des se laisse ecouter trankilement avec d'excellent morceau.du lourd!!