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10 September 2007

ComeBack Time

I guess September is
da month of Comebackz
so its time to do mine.
Im just sorry to let da blog without update for too long
but like i said
i was in NYC havin fun
and now im finally back for more music
more infos bout R&b and Hip hop
So lets get bck to da pure blackmusic yall.
A new playlist will be posted tonite
for all da track u could have missed
and da updates
are comin more and more
so stay tuned
and check out the new posts!

PS: Don't Leech , Just Comment ;)
Also lookin for some people to help me
for updatin da blog
so if u interested just leave ur contact info by commenting or
Email me @


==> Come Back Playlist <==

<==( 54TRACKZ ) [ Download Link ] ( 54 TRACKZ )==>

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Anonymous said...

nice playlist!

Anonymous said...

Loving the trackz yo!

Anonymous said...

Hello TONE - Content que tu sois de retour -
va checker ce titre de terrell philipps au cas ou il t'aurait echapper mais je pense que tu as du l'avoir entre les oreilles
peace - a bientot -- JORDAN