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28 September 2007

J.Holiday - Back Of My Lac ( Album )

I posted something bout da mixtape
from Mr.Holiday
and finally his album is out!
So what's more to add it's almost
da same tracklist
except some changes !
So Check It Out:)


o1. Back Of My Lac .o1
o2. Ghetto .o2
o3. Thug Commandments .o3
o4. Bed .o4
o5. Betcha Neva Had .o5
o6. Laa laa .o6
o7. Come Here .o7
o8. Be With Me .o8
o9. Suffocate .o9
1o. Fatal .1o
11. Without U .11
12. Pimp In Me .12
13. Thank U .13
14. Fallin .14

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Yvonne said...

Major propz to you. I didn't get a chance to thank you here's your thank you.

Jayo said...

Le Come Here est somptueux