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07 October 2007

Britney Spears - Blackout ( Album ) [ Preview CD ]Reedited Post

Britney Spears has released
a great preview of her album
" Blackout " about to release
on November 13th.
AFter listenin da whole album
I can say Britney is really back
all the trackz are good!
Just One word check it out yall
And please give Propz !!!

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==> [ Bonus Track Link ] <==


o1. Song About You .o1
o2. Get Back .o2
o3. Suga Fall .o3
o4. Fillin Me Up .o4
o5. Love Is.. .o5
o6. Stupid Things .o6
o7. Let Go .o7
o8. Radar .o8
o9. When U Gonna Pull It .o9
1o. Got Me High .1o
11. Gimme More .11
12. Kiss U All Over .12
13. Your ... .13
14. Cold As Fire ( Feat T-Pain ) .14
15. What Ya Sippin On ( Feat AC ) .15
16. Been A While .16
17. Everybody .17
18. Gimme More Remix ( Feat Lil Mama ) .18

~~Bonus Trackz Reedited Link~~

19. We Can Do It .19
2o. Rebellion .2o

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Anonymous said...

Yo! Thanks for the preview. I have to say that I totally agree with you bro. The Britney tracks are hott!!! Thanks again!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the album mon pote!

Anonymous said...