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13 October 2007

Jay Sean - He Could Never Love U Like Me ( Feat??)

Jay Sean
da great R&B singer from India
released a lot of the songz
in the last months
and recently this one called
" He Could Never Love U Like Me"
Featuring an unknown artist
( if someone has infos bout this feat lemme noe )!
Just Check It Out

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Pakistar said...

Hello man ! thanks for jay sean's song !! I like him songs !
My Own Way is his new album's name ! And You can find this on Wikipedia !

Ride It" (Produced by Alan Sampson) - 3:31
"Maybe" (Produced by Alan Sampson) - 3:29
"M.U.R.D.E.R" (feat Thara) - 4:00
"I Won't Tell" - 3:19
"Caught"* (Produced by The Underdogs) - 3:20
"City Girl"* - 4:13
"He Could Never Love U Like Me" (featuring Brian McKnight)
Confirmed by Jay through his MySpace or Radio

[edit] Possible tracks
"Blame"* - 3:10
"Come Here, Come Over"
"Deal With It"¹ (There was a Rishi Rish remix leaked with a longer version of the song)
"Feeling On Your Body"¹
"Follow My Heart"¹
"Girl You Are Just So"* - 3:44
"I Could"* - 4:35
"I'm Gone"* - 3:36
"Kick It With "¹
"Love Me Again"* (featuring Rishi Rich) - 4:48
"My Baby"
"My Fault"* - 4:26
"My Own Way"* - 3:39
"Never Been"* - 3:11
"Running Back to You "* - 3:57
"Shame"* - 3:45
"Shouldn't Be You "* - 2:46
"Thank You "* - 3:24
"Why Cry"* - 2:57
"Working It "* (Produced by Alan Sampson) - 3:03

ok bye bye and thanks again

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thats brian mcknight on the track hott nesss. his first album was blazing cant wait for the second. love city girl!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

song is fireee... loved his first album, and his second album should be good too. so far city girl hot track, as was as MURDER!!!! love the thara jay sean combo... south asians bring the heat!!!!!!

Juwnazha said...

He is featuring Jared Cotter. :D