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10 October 2007

Mario - Go! ( Album )

Mario 's new album is finally out
called " Go! " about to release
officially on October 30th!
So u have yall to buy it cuz
its a very hot one!
After his 1st single " How do I Breathe " and
da great " Cryin Out For Me "
we can notice "Go" prod by The Neptunes
and da fabolous " Skippin "!
Check it out:)

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o1. Go .o1

o2. Cryin Out For Me .o2
o3. Music For Love .o3
o4. Skippin .o4
o5. Kryptonite( Feat Rich Boy ) .o5
o6. Why .o6
o7. How Do I Breathe .o7
o8. No Definition .o8
o9. What It's Gonna Be .o9
1o. Lay In My Bed .10
11. Right & Wrong Way .11
12. Do Right ( Feat Akon ) .12
13. Ghetto Love .13
14. Let Me Watch ( Feat Juelz Santana ) .14

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Yvonne said...

Thanx!!! I still might buy it though.

Jayo said...

l'album a été encore repoussé no?
la tracklist risque de changer encore