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01 October 2007

Teck'N'B New Movement?

A Brand new style of music
is born in the North of Europe
that we can call " Teck'N'B.
It's a mix of electro music and R'nB,
we can reconize da rnb vibes on
an electro beat.
Most of the singers feelin this style are white and from North Europe.
We have artists like "Nasri" with his hit " Click Click Click "
or "Bridgette Angelique " and now this phenomenom
cross overseas to NYC
with people like "Justina" and her track " Lets Experiment"!
We can also notice "Rhea" using this style
on some of her trackz like " Don't Let Go ".
I really like this new vibe , it's very special but is this da future of R'nB?
Dunno but Lets Experiment ( like Justina said )!

[ if u want a special mixtape with all the trackz from
this new style and more artists like dat lemme noe by a comment ]

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Ms_jonesy said...

im feelin Teck'N'B!!! and im interested in a mixtape!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Teck NB, I'm crazy About it thanks for the trackzzz. See you +

OlcY said...

yeah im interested too
i wanna know more about this new born style !! plz up this mixtape^^

PrinceOfVA said...

Nice new style I think! Deserves this mixtape for sure... Thanks for your work man... Awesome tracks here!

Anonymous said...

hell yeaa! hook us up!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for hookin' us up

Anonymous said...

yeay I love it! Please do a mixtape!! =))

Anonymous said...

yeay I definitely love it!
Please do a mixtape =))

Anonymous said...

My name is Ghislain , I come from belgium and I want this mixtape ! please
i love your blog, !
if you want :