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07 November 2007

Alicia Keys - As I Am ( Album )

Sorry for being late for this great album
from Alicia Keys called "As I Am"
featuring da single " No One"!
Just Check It Out Yall!

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[ Thx Mids For The Retail Version ]

~~ Tracklist ~~

o1. As I Am .o1
o2. Go Ahead .o2
o3. Superwoman .o3
o4. No One .o4
o5. Like You'll Never See Me Again .o5
o6. Lesson Learned ( Feat Jason Mayer ) .o6
o7. Wreckless Love .o7 o8. The Thing Bout Love .o8
o9. Teenage Love Affair .o9
1o. I Need U .1o
11. Where Do We Go .11
12. Prelude To A Kiss .12
13. Tell You Something ( Nana's Reprise ) .13
14. Sure U Looks Good To Me .14

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Room's said...

Trés bonne album d'alicia, mm si je le trouve un peu moin bon que les precédent.

- mids said...

here's a link to the complete album =) at HQ too.

ps, could you pls post a higher quality version of that JustinA joint you posted a while back. i LOVED that joint, but i can't get good quality of it. that'd be great.