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03 November 2007

Mya - Liberation ( Album )

New Album from Mya
was released last week in Japan
its called " Liberation "
featuring the 2 singles " Ridin' "
and " Lock U Down "!
Just Check It Out:)

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Liberation .o1
o2. I Am ( Feat Penelope Jones ) .o2
o3. Walka Not A Talka ( Feat Snoop Dogg ) .o3
o4. Still A Woman .o4
o5. No Touchin' .o5
o6. Lock U Down ( Feat Lil Wayne ) .o6
o7. Lights Go Off .o7
o8. Ridin .o8
o9. Switch It Up .o9
1o. Give A Chick A Hand .1o
11. All In The Name Of Love .11
12. Life Is Too Short .12
13. Nothing At All .13

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Anonymous said...

ah tu sais pas a quel point tu me fait plaisir la !! Jsuis amoureux d'elle un peu .. MYa Je t'aime merdeeeeeee !

K.LasT said...

myaaaaaaa is backkkkkkkkkkk!loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

the cd i waited for since 12 months lol

edine said...

il est terrible son album! surtout le titre feat snoop!