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26 December 2007

Matt Palmer ( New R&B Artist )

I'm introducin to yall
a new R&B artist from NYC
he's called Matt Palmer
only aged of 20 yo
and workin with producers
like K-Fam ( Destiny's Child )!
He's sharin with us
3 trackz from his future project CD
2 slows " Six Whole Days " ; " That Way "
& an uptempo one " What I Want "
Lets Check it out!

==> [ Download Matt Palmer Demo ] <==

==> [ His Myspace ] <==

PS : If like Matt Palmer u would like to have a post
bout ur music lets hit me up with ur infos and trackz

==> Leave Propz <==


Anonymous said...

awesome site bro.
matt palmer iz da shiit

Kim said...

Awesome Site.
Matt Palmer has awsesome songs :)

Anonymous said...

six whole days is a BEAUTIFUL song (L)

Anonymous said...

yeah!! good job thanks for sharing...the big NOOB(From Da Hood) Exclusive Noob!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!