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01 December 2007

Ray J - Un-Kut ( Mixtape )

Here is the new mixtape from
Ray J
mixed by da great DJ Kay Slay
It's called " Un-Kut "
kinda explicit mixtape
in da contest of da porn video
that Ray J did!
the mixtape is great fosho
Great promo by the way ahah:p
Just Check it out!

==> [ Download Un-Kut Mixtape ] <==


o1. Kay Slay Intro .o1
o2. Snakes In The Grass .o2
o3. Bottom Bitch .o3
o4. Message #1 .o4
o5. Porno Shit ( Feat Max Lux & Shorty Mack ) .o5
o6. Message #2 .o6
o7. All My Bitchez Cash .o7
o8. Willie Shit ( Feat Max Lux & Shorty Mack ) .o8
o9. Settle The Scare ( Feat Max Lux & Shorty Mack ) .o9
1o. Roll Up ( Feat Max Lux & Shorty Mack ) .1o
11. Everywhere We Go ( Feat Detail & Shorty Mack ) .11
12. Smokin' Weed ( Feat Snoop & Nate Dogg , Shorty Mack & Slim Thug ) .12
13. 26 Inches ( Feat Shorty Mack & Detail ) .13
14. Kay Slay & Ray J Outro .14

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Anonymous said...

putain elle est violente la jaquette il a pas le tps ce ray j

Anonymous said...

javoue il s'emmerde pas...
merci pr tt ce bon son tu dechire !