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17 December 2007

Stevie Hoang - This Is Me ( Album )

Da asian singer in the USA
released his debut album
called " This Is Me "
After his big hit " Luv U "
and some more trackz
leaked on the internet.
Finally here is his first album
so Check it Out!

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~~Tracklist ~~

o1. One Last Try .o1
o2. No Games .o2
o3. One Night Only ( Feat BlacBoi ) .o3
o4. Addicted .o4
o5. Shawty .o5
o6. Luv U .o6
o7. Listen To Ur Man .o7
o8. Six In The Morning ( Feat BlacBoi ) .o8
o9. Before U Go ( Feat Mr Smith ) .o9
1o. Not Like This .1o
11. Wifey .11
12. If I Was The One .12
13. Why U Wanna Leave .13
14. Cry No More .14
15. Be With Me .15
16. Too Late .16

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OlcY said...

Bro ta mal fai ton lien ca nous renvoie sur la page pour ecrire un commentaire. Sinon merci pr lalbum davance !!!
peace cya

edine said...

il y a aussi un autre featuring avec t-pain qu'il n'as pas realiser!!je me rapel plus du titre dsl lol

edine said...

ha merde c'etait pas pour lui c'etait pour chris brown lol

Anonymous said...

go buy the album its worth it and for all the hard work his done oh and by the way his from the UK not USA

Benny Liang said...

This is a hot album

- Benny

bboyasist said...

my favorite album to bump with a mix of taio cruz beats... thx FDH...

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for uploading this <3