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27 January 2008

Thalisha - Ear Candy ( Album )

Here is the first album
of Thalisha
upcomin R&B artist
called " Ear Candy "
Yall gotta check it out
cuz its hooot!

==> [ Download Da Album ] <==>


o1. Aye .o1
o2. Oh Baby ! .2
o3. Number One .o3
o4. If Only 4 Tonight .o4
o5. What Am I To Do .o5
o6. Tug-O-War .o6
o7. What Is This .o7
o8. Can't Stop .o8
o9. Spoiled .o9
1o. Too Deep .1o
11. Don't Know Why .11
12. Growin' Pains .12
13. Real Love .13
14. Sabes Que Te Quiero .14
15. Can't Stop ( DanceHall mix ) .15

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Anonymous said...

t'es un sale bouffon bougnoule.....

Anonymous said... are you!!
So!! i need this album! can i do to download on ur server?..thanks from da NOOB!! Nice JOB DA NOOB!! lol...
for the other albums...see you again!! DA BIG NOOB^^

bboyasist. said...

thx for the upload fdh.

Anonymous said...

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