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26 March 2008

Hazel Playlist

~~Hazel Playlist~~

<==( 1oo Trackz ) [ Download Playlist ] ( 1oo Trackz )==>

~~Top Fav Trackz~~

Cristyle - Press Charges ( Prod By DarkChild )
James Fauntleroy - Crazy
T'melle - Stronger
Donnie J Feat Diddy - Take U There
Colby O'Donis - She Didn't Go She Did Leave ( Prod By Timbaland )


Sam Collier - Are U OK
Prince Ty - Lookin' For U

Here is a special section for request
if you want a special track from this playlist
just request it by comment and that will be posted ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Playlist, thanks!!! Best Blog right here!

Maivneng said...

Hey...I downloaded tis playlist, but I forgot to get TWO SONGS---and I don't wanna download it again [cuz i deleted it after getting the ones I wanted]..So can you please post up

Looking For You - - Prince Ty
Are You Okay - - Same Collier

Post up ASAP otherwise I'll keep bothering you! Hahaha, j/k. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


Giulietta said...

could you PLEASSSEEE upload Jenn Potter - "Super Girl" THANK YOOOUUU your site ROCKS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

could you reupload T'melle - Stronger because the link is not working anymore.

Please&Thank You!!! =]