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29 April 2008

Raven Symoné - Raven Symoné ( Album )

Here is the first album
from Raven Symoné ( Phenomenom Raven )
and its self titled
featuring da hit singles
" Double Dutch Bus " and " Green "
Enjoy it cuz its Fiyya!

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o1. That Girl .o1
o2. Anti-Love Song .o2
o3. In The Picture .o3
o4. What Are We Gonna Do .o4
o5. Green .o5
o6. Love Me Or Hate Me .o6
o7. In Your Skin .o7
o8. Stupid .o8
o9. Girl Get 4 .o9
1o. Keep A Friend .1o
11. Shorts Like Me .11
12. Hollywood Life .12
13. Double Dutch Bus .13

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LjtheWriter said...

I actually like this album, especially "Anti-Love Song". But I still don't think Raven can look forward to selling a million copies of it, unfortunately for her. I didn't even know this album came out today. I'd heard she was working on it but it just came out of nowhere. No promotion whatsoever.

SESS said...

CAN YOU PLEASE, PUH-LEASE POST TYNISHIA KELI'S FULL ALBUM? it leaked, her new one, "even if it takes forever" thank you