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13 May 2008

Bobble Playlist ( 12o Trackz / 2 Partz )

~~ Bobble Playlist ~~

<==( 6o Trackz ) [ Download Playlist Part 1 ] ( 6o Trackz )==>

<==( 6o Trackz ) [ Download Playlist Part 2 ] ( 6o Trackz )==>

~~Top Fav Trackz ~~

C.Wilson - Pluto ( Back To Your Planet )
Claude Kelly - Ghost
Kwiet Storm - Get To Know U
Trey Songz - Love Safari
Usher - Play Me


Here is a special section for request
if you want a special track from this playlist
just request it by comment and that will be posted ASAP!

<== Leave Propz ==>


steven said...

thanks for da up man! love yur blog , shiets poppin mann. do yu happen to kno when the second part of the playlist would be able for download? the second last half yu chose is crackinn man

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the music man - love your blog.

Would love to have BNBV - 50-50 if you get a chance to post the link in the requests.

D in NYC

Anonymous said...

dont turn back - colby o donis
thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

can i get a request for "driving myself insane - frankie j"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey whats up, just wanted to request Akon - Rockin', i cant find it anywhere, plus its jammin. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

past 2 doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Le lien pour la 2éme partie et mort on peut pas cliqué dessus !!


can you try to find:
Grynch-Memory Lane,
its a really good rap song with mellow beats, please and thank you ;]

Anonymous said...

c'est possible d'avoir la part 2 en telechargement?! merci.

KiiM said...

Teairra Mari - Did U wrong


Anonymous said...

Part 2 not up?

Yvonne said...

May I please have the links for You Need Me (Day26), Superhuman (Chris Brown) and Heart Attack (Lloyd)? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hey! you forgot to post link 2! please do! thanks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CAn you post the links to Dr.Love (Donnie J) and Questions (Devin)?

Thanks in advance.
this site is too Tyte!

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if youcould find Qasual I Got You. i think that's what it's called. It's comething like that by Qasual

Harold V. said...

Out of This World (Cassie Demo)(Full Version) by Unknown.