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30 July 2008

Lloyd - Lessons In Love ( Album )

Here is the new album
from Lloyd called " Lessons in Love "
featuring da hot singles
" How We Do It "
" Girls All Around "
Check it out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Sex Education .o1
o2. Girls All Around The World ( Feat Lil Wayne ) .o2
o3. Treat U Good .o3
o4. Year Of The Lovers .o4
o5. I Can Change Your Life .o5
o6. Lose Your Love .o6
o7. Have My Baby.o7
o8. Love Making 101 .o8
o9. Party All Over Your Body .o9
1o. Touched By An Angel .10
11. Im Wit It .11
12. Heart Attack .12

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Anonymous said...

le lien n'est pas ou plus valable =S

@bd@ul94320 said...

mortel l'album de lloyd merci !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

could download the album. there was an error. send my the files can? and yah. i would like to have the song get away by avery storm as well. thanks.