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06 July 2008

Seekin International Partners + What's Comin Soon

Hey Yall
Just Got an idea about the blog
Thanks to Anita ( a brazilian FDH visitor )
who send me some good music from her country
and then I would like to get international R&B Pop music
from all around the world
I already checked da asian market
so let's see the rest of the world!
For that i need you
If you wanna make discover the R&B pop side
from your country ( in english or your language )
just send me a playlist ( 20 / 30 songs )
by uploading it on
and send me the download link
to my email
If i like the music from your country
i will post it as a playlist featuring your name ( or your site )
in the credits !
By the way if it works , the music from your country
will feature on the blog
with monthly playlist created by you:)
So let's start this thing!

~~ What Is Comin Soon On FromDaHood ? ~~

o1. Asia&B Mixtape Vol.3 [ August/September 2008 ]
o2. Brazilian Playlist Vol. 1 ( By Anita ) [ August 2008 ]
o3. FromDaHoodiSBack Theme Song Preview [ August 2oo8 ]
o4. Asia&B Mixtape Vol.4 : Back 2 Da Basics [ October 2oo8 ]
o5. Dance Teaser Project Contest ( Best Video On The Theme Song ) [ August 2oo8 ]

PS : thx for yall to keep visitin da blog
let's share it
and make it big and international!

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anonymous said...

ouaiche tony montana
tu tactives a mettre de new musiks
hein hein

Anonymous said...

this site is the shit man, keep it up. o btw, do u have the way i do by chrishan?

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting for the Brazilian R&B, I hope thaht it will be such good asBrazilian women are beautiful....

CarltOn Banksx