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18 October 2008

The " 5oO oOo " Playlist + Greetz To Yall

~~The 5oo ooo Playlist~~

Im happy to see
that FDH Blog reaches the 5oo ooo visitors
from all around the world ( from almost 2oo countries )
that makes me wanna keep this blog alive
and give you more and more!
That's why i'm still lookin
for some partners that could help me
to find some news or exclusive music and album!
Also lookin for singers to make
the Official FDH Anthem Track
I already have some producers workin on
Banga beats for the track
So if u interested by bein a partner or
bein da official FDH Singer
Send me an email to

By The way I offer yall a Mini Playlist of 5o Trackz
to celebrate the 5oo ooo visitors
( can't wait for the million hehe )
and I also announce the Brazil&B Mixtape is in the making thanks to Anita!

<==( 5o Trackz ) [ Download Mini Playlist ] ( 5o Trackz )==>

~~Top Fav Trackz ~~

Atozzio - Fixation
LaShawn Daniels - Pulse
Paula Deanda Feat Yung Joc - Stunned Out
TC - More Of You
Unknow - Black Hole ( Rihanna Demo )


Chrishan - Killin Me Slowly

Christina Milian - Us Against The World
Jay Sean - Maybe ( Remix )
Mario Brown - Under The Influence
Trey Songz - Missunderstood
Trey Songz - Addicted To Songz
Eugenius - Dediction

Here is a special section for request
if you want a special track from this playlist
just request it by comment and that will be posted ASAP!

<== Leave Propz ==>


Anonymous said...

Im feelin treys version of addiction. could you post up the link. much appriciated.

Anonymous said...

hi. the link for christina milian "us against the world" doesn't work, could you post it again? that's a great song. thank you very much

Anonymous said...

hi again. i forgot to say that we can listen to the song but we can't download it.