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23 May 2007

Eric Sanicola Aka ThundaTrax

I introduce to u the great " Eric Sanicola"
most of underground rnb addict
have heard his productions
as the name of " Thundatrax"
Yea let's remember the rapper in every trackz from "Rhea" like Damn Right
or the one who produced some trackz of "Bridgette Angelique".
Yea this gold hand is Eric Sanicola
who has original skillz for beatz
and so this is a special post for his good work
with a playlist of my Thundatraxx' fav trackz
So Check It Out!

~~ Thunda Traxx I Love ~~

o1. Rhea - Damn Right .o1
o2. Rhea - Don't Let Go .o2
o3. Rhea - Someone Else .o3
o4. Rhea - Fucked Up .o4
o5. Rhea - Fresh & Sexy .o5
o6. Rhea - Kinky .o6
o7. Tiesha - Rush .o7
o8. Claudi Kohn - Bad Girl .o8
o9. Bridgette Angelique - What About Us .o9
1o. Bridgette Angelique - Couldn't Love U .1o
11. Bridgette Angelique - Shock Me .11
12. Rhea - Oh No .12

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1 comment:

mendeS said...

Really amazing producer!