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08 May 2007

Paris Bennett - Princess P

Paris Bennett is da new lil star from
the Show TV called " American Idol "
She just releases her 1st album called " Princess P"
and the hot single " Ordinary Love ".
If you like this single , u would like this album
cuz its the same type and the Miss Bennett voice rockz!
so Check It Out!

~~ Tracklist ~~

o1. All Hail The Princess .o1
o2. Ordinary Love .o2
o3. Dreamin' .o3
o4. Daddy .o4
o5. Let Me Rap ( Feat Kevin Coais ) .o5
o6. My Boyfriend's Back .o6
o7. Can't Control Myself .o7
o8. Duet ( Feat J.Isaac ) .o8
o9. Im So Hot ( Interlude ) .o9
1o. Im So Hot .1o
11. Get Bizzy .11
12. Caught Up .12
13. B-Bye .13
14. Burnt Up .14
15. I Will ( Feat James Grear & Company ) .15
16. Best Friendz ( Feat Anne Nesby & Jamecia Bennett ) .16

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro! ima check this album out and i'll tell ya what i think bout it

take care

ur Chill Bee Bro

Anonymous said...

would like to listen 2 at