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09 May 2007

Tank - Sex , Love & Pain

The brand new Tank album is finally out
with some good stuff.
Every trackz are hot especially the single " Please Don't Go" and "Who Dat"!
So One More time , Mista T doesnt disapoint us with this album!
Check It Out Yall!


o1. Coldest .o1
o2. I'm Coming Home .o2
o3. My Body .o3
o4. Please Don't Go .o4
o5. I Hate U .o5
o6. HeartBreaker .o6
o7. Who Dat .o7
o8. When .o8
o9. Wedding Song .o9
1o. My Heart .1o
11. I Love U .11
12. I Love Them Girls ( Timbaland Remix ) .12

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Anonymous said...

Salut! Je viens de tomber sur ton blog et il est (juste) génial! J'ai toujours cherché un endroit où on pouvait écouter du bon r'n'b, toutes les nouveautés, les nouveaux artistes et j'ai enfin trouvé!! C'est carrément une mine d'or!! Chapeau bas! lol Merciiii à toi!!
A tte!

Joel said...

Just Great album! By the way, here is some useful
website devoted to the
Sex, Love & Pain album:

Anonymous said...

This album is great from beginning to the end.Just push play and enjoy every second of what Tank gives you.