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06 June 2007

Adina Howard - Private Show

Adina Howard is now back with
her " Private Show " album.
This album is hella good
with hot trackz like " Picture This" & " Hips ( Grown & Sexy RmX ) "
especially hot beat in the last one.
So Check It Out!

~~ Tracklist~~

o1. Intro : Adjust Your Mental .o1
o2. Picture This .o2
o3. L.O.V.A. .o3
o4. Tease .o4
o5. Doin' 8o .o5
o6. Interlude : Bedromm 2 Tha Floor .o6
o7. Like Me .o7
o8. Phone Sex .o8
o9. Stole One .o9
1o. Hips .1o
11. I Forgive You .11
12. Outro : Private Show Goddbye .12
13. Hips ( Grown & Sexy Remix ) .13

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xavier said...

Heyyy! Excellent ton blog. J'ai fait un plein de bon son depuis hier grace à toi. Continues ce très bon travail. Bonne chance et merci. LiTtLe MaRiOo.

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad You Got Something New From Adina Howard. She Makes Some Hott Music But A Lot Of People be sleep on her. I'm Glad Somebody Out There Still Knows Good Music.