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07 June 2007

World Wide Playlist

Pic : Jermaine Riley ( Of FDM )

~~The World Wide Playlist~~

This playlist is composed of 2 Parts
One with Up & Mid Tempo Beatz
and the Other with Slow Jams unlocked after 1o commentz.

Up&Mid Part : 6o Trackz [ Download Link ]
Slow Jamz Part : 4o Trackz [ Download Link ]

~~Fav Tracks From Da Playlist~~

o1. AnZeo - It Ain't Over .o1
o2. Trey Songz - Missin U .o2
o3. Dusouth - Under Ur Bed .o3
o4. Usher - Just What U Need .o4
o5. Mya - Walka Not A Talka ( Feat Snoop Dogg ) .o5

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PS : What Dya Prefer?
Lil playlists ( 2o trackz ) 2 times a week
Big Playlist ( 1oo Trackz ) every 2 weekz


Anonymous said...

Jadore ta playlist!
Bonne continuation! ^^

Anonymous said...

Ah Cool Les sons rien a dire !!!

Anonymous said...

I want the slow jamz

Mitz said...

Thnx 4 Da Share!

Anonymous said...

thanx for the songs

Anonymous said...

thanx for the update doode.

Anonymous said...

this playlist is top right now

Anonymous said...

diggin the slow songs..keep up da good feels

Anonymous said...

yo man...the 20 2 times a week would be cool cuz we can only listen to so much music, ya know? propz on the whole site though, i love it. peace.

Dave said...

This blog is still poppin off. Love it.

Anonymous said...

nice playlist!
i also want the slow tracks.... ;-)

p.s. i'd prefer lil playlist..

Anonymous said...

your the best!!!!

cali in here =]

Anonymous said...

je prefer les 2 :)

Anonymous said...

Its super what u are doing... id prefer lil playlist 2 times a week,. :D m8

Lil LX said...

still keepin it hot...

Anonymous said...

some old tracks but all the way a really good playlist =D keep it up ma boiii


Anonymous said...

I'd perfer 2x a week cuz 100 is a little much ya know?

But thanks for the music your BASICALLY AMAZING :)

Room's said...

Playlist vrement exellente, merci man !!

K.LasT said...

yeah !!!!still so fresh man!!!! keep it real!!!!

Anonymous said...

I prefere a lil playlist 2 times a week, I think it's better

Anonymous said...

Your Playlist Are Mad Sick. You Have Stuff I Can't Find Anywhere Else. U Have One of The If Not The Hottest Music Blog Becuz Everybody has the same songs on there but U killing Everybody With Your Music. Keep Up The Good Work. P.S. I Rather Have The 20 Songs Twice a weedBut The 100 Cool 2.

zuri said...

this is a hot selection..cheers

Myke said...

lil playlist man !! that's better !
where is the 2nd part of playlist ?? i'm waiting 4 u !
see ya