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08 June 2007

Playlists Info

Pic : PCD Contest's Girlz

Whats New In Here?

* First Of All , you chose by 8o%
lil playlists (2o-4o Trackz Max ) like 2 times
a week. So Lets do it tonite for the 1st one.

*I see a lotta leechers in here , I mean
people who downloads but dont leave propz ( = comments ).
So please people when u download a playlist , album
or track , just leave a lil comment
for givin yo opinion and leave propz.
or gotta locked da playlist with number of propz.

*I edited a lil interactive chat
on the left side
so if u wanna ask questions bout anything or infos
lets do it in the Chat Box.

*Since now , I will ask you
a lil question a week
for havin' your opinion bout
So let's vote on the left side!

*Finally, what would u add to the site for
being the number one music site for you?
Give me ideas im open for errthing.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

J'adore tes play listes il y a rien a dire !!!!!!
BRAVO et continue comme ca !