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08 December 2007

The Dream - Love Hate ( Album )

Here is the first album
from mista " Dream "
called " Love Hate "
featuring his hit singles " Shawty is da 10 "
& " Falsetto "
Just Check It Out

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o1. Shawty Is Da Sh... ( Feat Fabolous ) .o1
o2. I Luv Ur Girl .o2
o3. Fast Car .o3
o4. Nikki .o4
o5. She Needs My Love .o5
o6. Falsetto .o6
o7. Playin' In Her Hair .o7
o8. Purple Kisses .o8
o9. Ditch Dat .o9
1o. Luv Songs .1o
11. Livin' A Lie ( Feat Rihanna ) .11
12. Mama .12

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Anonymous said...

thanks, i love the dream!!

JoSe said...

ThiS alBum IS HOT!!!! ProPs tO u For UPlOAdIng IT!

Claire said...

thanks!!hot album!!
please keep uploading more
hot albums!! =]