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10 December 2007

Kevin Ross ( New R&B Sensation )

Lemme introduce to yall
da new R&B sensation : Kevin Ross.
This young singer from Washington DC.
already have big performances in his bag
like BET or Universal Motown's R&b Live!
Imma share witchu his big hit
called " Medusa "
and a snipped of " What U Do 2 Me "
So let's spread da words bout this great artist!

PS : If you wanna have a post like Kevin Ross
lets holla @ me with some pics , bio and Tracks to

==> His Myspace <==

==> [ Download " Medusa " ] <==

==> [ Download " What U Do 2 Me Snipped " ] <==

==> Leave Propz <==


rnbgenius said...

love kevin's songs!!! How did you find this singer?

rnbgenius said...

u always find the hottest new rnb music out there, but how did you find kevin ross? This guy is incredible. Do you have more stuff you can feature? rnbgenius

Kevin Ross Music said...

If you want to see more on Kevin Ross you can go to: