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13 November 2008

Bloodshy Playlist ( 128 Trackz )

~~ BloodShy Playlist ~~

<== [ Download Playlist Part 1 ( 64 Trackz ) ] ==>
<== [ Download Playlist Part 2 ( 64 Trackz ) ] ==>

~~Top Fav Trackz ~~

Brandon Beal - Electrocuted
Jonessa - Done
Jordyn Taylor - Tongue Tied
Kelli - Hostage
Ray L - Nimpho
Shawn Desman - Get Ya


Johnta Austin - My Heart

Jamie Foxx - Baby Damn Damn
I-15 - Love Carousel

Here is a special section for request
if you want a special track from this playlist
just request it by comment and that will be posted ASAP!

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Yvonne said...

Could you please post the links for I-15's Love Carousel and Jamie Foxx's Baby Baby Damn; if there's a full song out for it.

Jordan said...

i need after shock love jordyn taylor, plus thats my name(jordan taylor)..thanx

Anonymous said...

Git Fresh - All For You Remix