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04 November 2008

XL Banga Playlist

~~XL Banga Playlist~~

==> [ Download XL Banga Playlist ( 1oo Trackz ) ] <==

~~Top Fav Trackz ~~

Darion Brown - Mayday
Davion Farris - Strip 4 Me
Jordy Writes - Fingers Crossed
LaShawn Daniels - You Don't Need To Be Here
Makeba - Stupid


Charlie Wilson Feat Lil Wayne - Shawty Come Back
Mishon - Excuse Me Mama
B. Gibbs - My Love

Here is a special section for request
if you want a special track from this playlist
just request it by comment and that will be posted ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

B. Gibbs - My Love

(: thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great music (:
Can you post a download link for "Baby Love (Zone 4 Remix)"? Thanks!

Eyy said...

can u post "my heart" jonhta austin. thx!

Anonymous said...

Thx for Mishon !!!!